Veronika Iamnineteen

First Impressions

They like to keep it simple at I Am Nineteen. You can tell that from the tour alone where they go with a black background, almost no design elements, and pictures of the girls to sell the site. If the babes are hot they don´t really need anything more and a quick look through the preview pictures shows that the women are indeed good looking. They´re young and cute and most have tight bodies and love to show them off. There are some naked tits in the free area, in fact.

Hot Promises

There are surprisingly few promises made on the tour, other than the implicit promises of amazing content thanks to the beautiful young ladies in the nude. You know what you´re going to get, for the most part, after you´re done looking through the free area. You know that there will be hot chicks with hot bodies. You know there will be naked tits and you hope there will be naked pussies. They give you information on the number of pictures for the models previewed but there really isn´t enough information here so let´s get inside and see what´s going on.


There´s almost nothing to the I Am Nineteen member´s area. The content is all listed on one page with thumbnailed preview pictures for each gallery. They list them by girl. There doesn´t seem to be any order but there aren´t many girls so it doesn´t get confusing. Click on any of the thumbnails and a new window/tab opens with a thumbnailed gallery. They display 20 pictures of the young girl per page and if you click through you get a 1500px picture for your pleasure.

I Am Nineteen is built entirely of picture galleries. There are 106 of them to choose from at the moment and none of the content is dated so it´s impossible to know how often they update or if they update at all. All those galleries are listed on the front page and it´s hard not to feel like they aren´t making much effort with the site. It´s a decent collection but there are no zip files and for $25 for the first month I would expect a little bit more.

You can see all the girls on the tour so if you´re considering I Am Nineteen it´s worth a look to check out the beauties. Ultimately the worth of the site comes down to whether or not you´re attracted to them since it´s such a pure presentation of their beauty in the member´s area. With the exception of just a few sets all the content here is solo as the ladies dress up in various outfits and model their hot bodies for your pleasure.

Jane, a girl with dirty blonde hair and perky tits, does a few lesbian sets and the two chicks really commit to getting each other off. There´s genuine pussy eating, fingering, and toy sex. There are images where you get to see a look of pure pleasure cross the face of the beauties as they frisky with each other. It´s really hot stuff. The rest of the girls strictly stick to solo play.

Eve is fond of wearing sexy dresses and it´s a pleasure to admire her in them. Her teen body includes B cup tits and a slender waist. She gets fully nude and shows us her ass in plenty of shots. She has a lovely bathtub gallery too. If you like tits a little bigger then Anna has a pair of D cups for you. They´re probably implants and they look delicious. She wears bikinis in several sets and everything is designed for her to show off her cleavage. It´s naked tits in every set with her.

Julia has the most sets on the site with 27 to her name. She too has implants and they look awfully sexy because her body is supremely tight and slender and the boobs are nice and big. Like the other girls she begins every scene clothed and then gets naked so you can see the big tits and admire her shaved teen pussy. She has a cute nose and you could argue that her in shape from is perfection, which ensures that it will be tons of fun to stare at.

All the girls at I Am Nineteen are cute and have tight bodies. They keep in shape and they show off the bodies that result from their hard work. They strike me largely as girl next door types. They´re not super duper hot; their beauty is a little more accessible and I´d count that as a positive. I like that they seem friendly and down to earth.

They could stand to add more content, of course. 106 galleries isn´t a bad collection but it´s unclear if they´re still updating and that really doesn´t warrant sticking around for multiple months. Plus, most of the sets are shot in bland environments in what looks like the same house. It makes them feel just a little bit cheap and takes away from the value a bit. The pictures are always crystal clear but in some cases the lighting isn´t quite what it should be. Obviously this isn´t a site with tons of money behind it, and it doesn´t need to be, but a little more effort would have been appreciated.

Croco´s Opinion

I Am Nineteen doesn´t make any outlandish promises on the tour. Instead, they give you free pictures of the girls that are featured inside and they make it perfectly clear that this is a simple, straightforward site with image content of cute chicks. When you get inside there are 106 picture galleries of those girls and that´s it. The site is basically one page with all the galleries linked from it. They didn´t really put any effort into the design but they don´t need to. If you visit the tour and you find the women beautiful, sexy, and arousing then you´ll get value out of a membership because that´s precisely what´s inside. The girl next door types they hire provide a great thrill.


The site couldn´t be easier to navigate because they´ve kept it so simple.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $19.95 for every 30 days after that.

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